RT Specialty Introduces Infrastructure Pollution Policy Form for Hard Infrastructure Projects


The policy was specifically designed to protect stakeholders from the catastrophic environmental risks commonly associated with hard infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, airports, rail and ports.

RT Specialty’s Environmental and Construction Professional (RT ECP) Practice has a new Infrastructure Pollution Policy (IPP) Form designed to protect stakeholders from the catastrophic environmental risks commonly associated with hard infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, airports, rail and ports. 

“The IPP is a competitive solution written by a carrier experienced with this type of coverage and can be accessed exclusively through RT ECP. This solution is designed for developers and owners as a result of Congress passing the President’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan,” says John J. Heft, MS, CRIS, a senior vice president at RT ECP.  “The traditional approach to insuring these project types commonly involved writing two or more pollution liability policies or balancing the limits between separate policies with possibly separate carriers to create really cumbersome risk management solutions.” 

“The IPP eliminates these complexities by combining the various insuring agreements into one policy form that is designed to seamlessly cover all the involved stakeholders. In addition, the IPP can supplement environmental due diligence by using a third-party environmental consulting firm that will underscore the exposures that typically challenge infrastructure projects.” 

The IPP is available with limits up to $25M for each incident / $25M aggregate (higher limits available where required by contract) and policy terms up to 13 years including completed operations. Key coverages include full sudden and gradual pollution coverage, third-party bodily injury, property damage (including natural resource damages), emergency response costs and defense expenses. The policy form includes four insuring agreements:

  • Coverage A: Contracting Services Pollution Liability Coverage - Occurrence 
  • Coverage B: Covered Location Pollution Liability Coverage - Claims-Made 
  • Coverage C: Non-Owned Location Pollution Liability Coverage 
  • Coverage D: Crisis and Reputation Management Expenses Coverage

For more information on the new Infrastructure Pollution Policy (IPP) please visit or call 609-298-3516.

About RT Environmental & Construction Professional

RT Environmental and Construction Professional (RT ECP) is a part of the RT Specialty division of RSG Specialty, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company based in Illinois. RSG Specialty, LLC, is a subsidiary of Ryan Specialty Group, LLC.  RT ECP provides wholesale insurance brokerage and other services to agents and brokers. RT ECP does not solicit insurance from the public. Some products may only be available in certain states, and some products may only be available from surplus lines insurers. In California: RSG Specialty Insurance Services, LLC (License # 0G97516). © 2021 Ryan Specialty Group, LLC

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