Wednesday 28 October 2020 – Headlines & Stories of Interest


"Fall seven times and stand up eight." ~ Japanese Proverb

United KingdomLloyd’s bosses bombarded with ‘calendar jam’ as insurers targeted on Twitter

Chubb Enhances Proprietary Chubb Cyber Index with New Functionality, Business Insights to Help Organizations Analyze and Assess Cyber Exposures and Reduce Risk

The Chubb Cyber Index is free to access and can be used at

ChinaPing An Insurance sees first quarterly profit rise in a year

UAE & Uzbekistan: UAE and Uzbekistan to enhance economic cooperation, boost joint export credit opportunities

Aon: Year-end 2019 global premiums stood at an all-time high of USD 5.6 trillion. The full Insurance Risk Study can be found at the following link: Global Risk, Profitability, and Growth Metrics - 15th Edition

Insurance EuropeFixing flaws in Solvency II vital to unlock long-term investment and boost EU economic growth and recovery

Insurance Europe has published its response to a consultation by the European Commission on the review of Solvency II. The organization believes that, while working well in general, Solvency II is excessively conservative, contains serious measurement flaws and imposes unnecessary operational burdens on Europe's insurers.

India: List of Valid Insurance Brokers as on 23 October, 2020

Storm Central

Zeta Leaves Nearly 2 Million Without Power and At Least Two Dead After Slamming Gulf Coast


CBS NewsTropical Storm Zeta races across Southeast after slamming into Louisiana as powerful Category 2 hurricane

National Hurricane Center

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