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Google Email Privacy Fiasco Shines Light on API Privacy ­– This month, the Wall Street Journal broke the story that Google developers had read thousands of unredacted personal emails from Gmail users. Apparently, that stunned the general populace, and that reaction surprised me. I had assumed that everyone knew that free services like Gmail, Facebook and all social apps have an agreement with users that their content in total is exchanged for their ability to use a free service. Content is currency – it always has been and always will be. Read why nearly EVERY content-generating Website, app, gizmo, and widget online has a back door built into the software called an Application Programming Interface (API) that delivers content directly to developers of all kinds on page

Bermuda: Q & A – A Historical Perspective – Read this first in a series of interviews with reinsurance expert, Andrew Barile, whose career has more than expanded the growth of the Bermuda reinsurance market on page 10

The Evolution of Business Continuity: Where Business Continuity and Risk Management Converge – There is a perception that Business Continuity is converging with Cyber and Information Security; a perhaps reasonable assumption given the increased daily media focus related to breaches, hacks and other threats. Data research however, indicates a different trend. Read why on page 11

London Insurance Market braces itself for Brexit chaos – A painful dose of Brexit realism is surging around the London insurance market and the City of London’s financial services sector as confidence in the UK government’s ability to deliver an orderly Brexit collapses. Read more about this calamity written by one Britain’s foremost insurance journalists on page 18

unisonSteadfast Independence Day 2018 in Havana, Cuba – On June 11, the global unisonSteadfast community met for three days of networking and professional exchange in one of the most exciting cities in the world – Havana. Read Havana – Between socialism and sensuality on page 14

Brexit Update2 – At the time of writing, July 31st 2018, there stands approximately 11 weeks between the deadline by which the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) must reach some agreement as to what their post-brexit relationship will be. Read this update by a noted City of London insurance lawyer on page 17