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Crisis Stress: Part 2 – Acute Stress Response

In the second installment of this four-part essay series I want to briefly overview some of the typical human physiological reactions to crisis situations including the Acute Stress Response (ASR). Page 11

Robotic Automation – How Many Humans Can We Realistically Replace?

This article was written from InsureTech in Las Vegas, where the newest and brightest technology companies launch their solutions. The top question posed this year is: “Are humans replaceable in insurance.” To answer that question, the industry needs to examine the scope and course of most of their employees’ responsibilities. Page 12

Brexit and the Political Parties in the UK

As the Brexit date approaches, Britain is not much closer to working out what it wants than what it was many months ago. Up till now British proposals have been pooh-poohed by the EU and recently the prime minister was laughed out of the room when promoting her demands for an EEC-style arrangement. Page 14

Why don’t we step back a little and think quietly again in a neutral mode?

Protectionism such as a raise in custom tariff rates has taken the spotlight recently on a global basis. In general, it is rather a controversial topic however, from a Marine underwriter’s perspective it is nothing but a concern. Unlike most other lines of business, Marine insurance has direct impact from the consequence of protectionism. Especially Cargo insurance will have an immediate hit if the global trade starts reducing it’s volume. Page 15

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