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The Top 6 Cyber Insurance Myths Debunked – Cyber is one of the hottest topics in insurance and, as a line of business, it is projected to experience phenomenal growth in the years ahead. But cyber is still a relatively new market, and can be made unnecessarily complex by industry jargon, buzzwords of the day, and a lack of standardization in policy wordings. As such, many companies find themselves confused about how cyber insurance actually works and are skeptical about whether it makes sense for their business to purchase a policy. To clear up the confusion, here are six of the most common misunderstandings that businesses tend to have about cyber insurance and how to overcome them on page 14

Captive Definitions by Type – Think you know all the types of captives? Test yourself on page 10

Crisis Stress: Part 1 – How and Why A Crisis Affects People – Read how people are affected by the stresses and challenges during disasters and emergencies on page 12

What Is and Isn’t Covered by Your NFIP Flood Insurance – read what’s covered and not on page 13

Reducing WC exposure during Plant/Location Closures – Ask any Worker’s Comp adjuster about plant closures and you’ll get a knowing look in return. It is very common to see WC claims spike as soon as unemployment runs out for these former employees, and the injury claims all seem to be cumulative trauma; requiring indefinite indemnity payments. One former adjuster quoted WC claim rates after a location closure as high as 15-30% depending on unionization and general morale at the location. Read more on page 14

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Side C Under Siege – Read why D&O especially Side C which is securities coverage is under siege in Australia on page 17