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December Highlights

I Still Hope

It seems that hate has been with us since men first marked a few signs on clay tablets, thousands of years ago, to commemorate kings, business deals, and wars. Should we fight hate? Definitely yes, to protect our offspring, neighbors and ourselves, and also those who disagree with us. Page 12

US Tax Reforms – Impact on Bermuda Update

Bermuda has long been an attractive jurisdiction for financial services. The obvious reason for this is a beneficial tax regime, but that is not the only reason why organisations establish or do business on the island. Page 13

Making an M&A Match

Learn Why Company Culture is Key to Success – Mergers and acquisitions offer a strategic opportunity for a business to thrive. The right deal can enhance an already strong brand, open new markets, and bring together leaders who can multiply each other’s growth. It can give talented individuals the chance to succeed in a larger environment and maximize their expertise in innovative ways. Page 14

Crisis Stress: Part 4 – Concentration, Memory and Focus

In the first three parts of this short four-part essay series, I briefly summarized some of the ways in which a crisis affects people in terms of physiological reactions including the Acute Stress Response (ASR) and some (but not all) of the various psychological and cognitive effects of such stress on crisis mangers and their performance. In this fourth and final essay in this series, I will cover some of the recent research on diminished memory and recall abilities rising from acute stress factors during crises. Page 14

Customer/Prospect Data Warehouses – Buy, Borrow or Build?

We are now in the rosy afterglow of InsureTech, and Insurance technology themes have surfaced. AI data warehousing to more closely understand their current clientele appears to be an industry-wide initiative. We love data warehouses and the customer insights that can be generated from querying the data. No question. Page 16

Are You Prepared For An Active Shooter Event At Your School?

We have not had a child die in America in a school fire in over 50 years. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for violence. What should schools do to increase security and safety? Every individual in any organization must be trained and know what decisions to make, and when. Page 16

The Future of Insurance, and How Insurance of the Past Has Failed Us

For most of us, our home is our largest purchase and shelters our prized possessions. But a home is more than that. It’s our safe place, where we can be ourselves; the feeling of comfort when you come home from a long trip; the sound of children’s feet running to meet us at the door when we get home. Page 17