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IRL February 2019 Highlights

The UK’s problem with Brexit is Theresa May herself

Having suffered two humiliating defeats in Parliament, the UK prime minister is displaying a suicidal inability to learn from all the signs that she will be unable to deliver a Brexit plan which both the EU and the UK can agree upon before the 29th March. Read more on page 12

The Great Online Data Scramble

We used to think that databases would solve all of our problems by keeping information about people organized and categorized. And for a while it did work that way—paper files became digitized, scattered data collated, and duplicate files were slowly weeded out until… read on page 10

Is insurance the new frontline of activism?

With some global insurance companies publically backing populist campaigns, we explore whether the insurance industry has become the new front line of ethical business protestation.

In the past, passionate lobbyists would use shareholder meetings to try to protest against a company’s direction. More crudely perhaps they would even camp out at a corporate headquarters with chants and placards in an attempt to draw media attention to their cause. In recent years, however, a new target has emerged for the protester. The insurer. Read more on page 11

A Brexit of illusions

Brexit is everywhere. In the UK you cannot escape from it. Brexit dominates the news, the whole political system is consumed by it, it is top of boardroom agendas and it is the most frequent topic of conversation wherever you go. Even though some families and friends try to avoid discussing it – for fear of falling out – Brexit still looms large as the grim elephant stalking the room. Read more on page 12