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IRL January 2019 Highlights

What DARPA Technologies can offer the Insurance Industry – In the last decade, many of the giant humming brains of technology have migrated to government projects for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) because the work there has been super fun – their instructions were simply “build whatever massive tool you want to, and then turn it over to our analysts to use or not use as they choose.” Page 10

2018 – A CrisisRisk™ Year in Review – In reviewing 2018 critical incidents, critical events, disasters, and crises, it is clear that the ability to identify and control those events before escalation into a crisis is essential. Understanding each event’s CrisisRisk™ potential, the preparation required, and the responses needed, empowers leadership. Page 10

Globalization has not reached its peak – An interview with Coface CEO Xavier Durand who speaks about the impact of sanctions and trade wars on credit insurers on page 13

Read about the Consequences of Brexit Deal Rejection for U.K. Insurance Market on page 13