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June Highlights

Global Briefs: The mess of Brexit and what’s next

I asked two friends – one an accomplished London-based insurance pro and the other a leading British insurance media man ­­– “Do you have any thoughts about what’s going on in the UK with Brexit now that Mrs. May has given way to June and her poor successor whomever that might be?” Read what they have to say on page 9

Using Litigation Funding to Level the Playing Field against Insurers

Learn about litigation funding and why it is a rapidly growing tool that policyholders might consider adding to their arsenal to help level the playing field against an insurer that is incentivized to delay paying claims. Read more on page 10

Premonition AI’s New LitigationScan™ Offers Insurers Decisive Court Advantage

In the insurance industry, litigation is the field of last resort to resolve disputes between claimants and insurers. Learn why choosing the wrong attorney can turn slam-dunk cases into coin tosses on page 11

Understanding Blockchain, Part 1

Learn about blockchain why a smart contract or crypto-contract is what makes blockchain a usable and relevant technology in modern day economies on page 11

Governor Pritzker Signs Workers’ Compensation Law That Will Significantly Impact Illinois Employers

Learn why this law might have serious consequences for Illinois employers. The practical effect of this law is to subject Illinois employers to unlimited personal liability for employees’ latent injury claims, and at the same time, potentially strip Illinois employers of insurance for such claims. Read more on page 12

The MGA Obstacle Course Cyber, Crypto, BREXIT, AI and Market Reform – What next?

The MGA Market faces many obstacles but is growing quickly. The MGAA now has some 140 MGA members with over £6bn premium under management – and all within 6 years. However, with reducing capacity, multiple regulatory challenges, new London market practices, BREXIT, and a bewildering choice of improving technologies, these all lead one to ask the question: why be an MGA? Read more on page 13

Chinese Tourists in the Hermit Kingdom: From Flux to Inflection

With the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea grabbing headlines so much these days, it very important to understand the mentality of North Koreans. The government’s recent prioritization of tourism not only demonstrates its attempt to attract more foreign currencies to solve the problems caused by economic sanctions, but also shows its desire to showcase a positive image of itself to the world. In this lies an issue that must balance national concerns of pragmatism and idealism, as well as visibility and invisibility. However, after 2017, the time of North Korea’s most successful missile test, Kim Jong Un’s bargain to doggedly pursue nuclearization over economic growth proved the resilience of his juche-inspired plan and also gained him undeniable credibility as a world leader. Read more on page 16