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Britain’s Ongoing National Humiliation
Britain’s Ongoing National Humiliation is Prime Minister Theresa May. Throughout the Brexit project she has shown herself to be an ineffective salesman, a poor public speaker, deaf to advice, terrible at delegating and lousy at appointing Brexit negotiators. The situation is a mess. Following on from David Cameron’s miserable pleas to the European Union for changes to the rules for Britain, the country lurched into the Referendum in 2016. Since then the EU has… read on page 10

IRL: Click on this link for a hysterical SNL-type look at Brexit for Americans

Attractive Target Group
The Rising Middle Class in China and its Implications for Insurance and Reinsurance
Middle-Class Society China: Insurers and Reinsurers are facing big Opportunities and Challenges
China has become a superpower economy in the world. The industrialization and increased domestic and international trades have supplied large numbers of people with a disposable income with which they can be considered as a middle class. The implications of the rising middle class are tremendous, as it will dictate the directions of companies’ success or failure. Knowing the huge and attractive customer base is an advantage when offering them insurance products and services. The insurance and reinsurance markets must grow with this opportunity and minimize the risks that have recently emerged. The following implications…read on page 11

Leveraging the Power of Networks
While the Japanese insurance market is currently still stable and profitable, it offers only limited growth opportunities as the shrinking population negatively affects premium income in almost all insurance classes. While expansion into new intangible risk classes such as cyber insurance or digitalization initiatives still offer leeway for potential domestic growth within Japan, there is no doubt that the future of Japanese insurers lies abroad such as in growth markets in Asia-Pacific where premium growth rates…read on page 15