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Highlights November Issue

Crisis Stress: Part 3 – How and Why A Crisis Affects People
In this four-part essay Dr. Chandler summarized some of the ways in which people, including the crisis manager, are affected by a crisis in terms of physiological reactions, touching upon the Acute Stress Response (ASR). In this part 3 essay, he will cover some (but not all) of the various psychological and cognitive effects of such stress. Page 12

Training for Bomb Threats and Suspicious Package Detection
Many organizations consider this type of threat as extreme but may not fully appreciate the danger because they believe it won’t happen. However, consider that between September and October of this year there have been 31 events which involved an IED and 87 events that were either suspicious in nature, threat call or a hoax (faux IED device). Page 14

Brown & Brown Enters Into Agreement to Acquire Hays Companies
Brown & Brown Insurance has been aggressive in its growth this year (19 deals with total annualized revenue topping $95M). Now the company is making history with its latest move. On October 22, 2018 Brown & Brown announced it had reached an agreement to acquire Hays Companies insurance operations. Page 13

5 Ways to Survive an Active Shooter Event
Read this Q&A with Former Secret Service Agent Jason Russell on page 15

Brexit …. bah!
When Theresa May said, “Brexit means Brexit” more than a year ago she did not know what she was talking about and she still doesn’t. Britain stands to lose more than it gains. Closed borders and trade barriers with 27 former friends vs. tangled financial cooperation and on-going frustration with international bureaucrats. Page 17