Transfer of Legacy Insurance Exposures: Why a Coverage Review Matters

For a variety of reasons, such as a desire to exit a non-core line of business or to redeploy capital, an insurer may decide to shed certain legacy exposures, rather than continue to manage related claims and carry the exposures on its balance sheet. A well-structured transfer of those legacy exposures, via a loss portfolio transfer (LPT) or adverse development cover (ADC), can allow the insurer to achieve those results, while also providing significant benefits to the acquiring party. Learn more on page 11

Introducing The ARIAS-US Panel Rules For The Resolution Of Insurance And Contract Disputes

In April 2017, ARIAS-US undertook a project to create arbitration rules for use in non-reinsurance disputes including direct insurance disputes and those involving captives. Following many meetings, drafts, and revisions, the new ARIAS-US Panel Rules for the Resolution of Insurance and Contract Disputes are here and went into effect as of September 16, 2019. Learn more on page 12

Use Effective Meeting Strategies to Build Relationships

Mediocre meetings that lack purpose and clear next steps have no place in a time-strapped, fast-paced culture. Follow these effective meeting strategies to ensure your meetings lead to results on page 14

The Family CFO and the Family Office Insurance Program

Leveraging the expertise of a Family Office and guidance of a Family CFO, high-wealth families can conduct the due diligence necessary to identify insurance coverage gaps before crisis occurs. Learn more on page 14

Is Your Online Cloud Storage Secure Enough?

Having cloud storage is a reality of living and working in an ever more connected world, where we expect to have access to our data anywhere with an Internet connection at the drop of a hat. Cloud storage makes it easier for us to travel, to share and most importantly keep our data safe. However, not all cloud storage solutions are created equal. Learn why on page 16

Hold Brexit, We Need an Election

It was inevitable. Changing Prime Minister from Theresa May to Boris Johnson did absolutely nothing to alter the simple fact that Parliament has been deadlocked over Brexit ever since May came back from Brussels with her first Withdrawal Agreement nearly 18 months ago. Read the latest on page 17

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