September Highlights

Three Key Challenges for Insurance brokers in the Andean Region: Peruvian Perspective

Learn of the challenges that might keep decision-makers in Peru from accomplishing this mission, because in insurance, as in life, there are good choices and there are bad ones on page 10

Reframing Social Media Surveillance Practices

Self-insured employers and small mutual insurers embraced social media surveillance years ago, and have reaped substantial benefits to their bottom line from the practice. However, there’s now a niggling dialogue about whether employees should be “spied on” (their words, not mine, obviously). Learn what a social media investigations firm owner has to say on page 12

Lessons from Fintech Applied to Insuretech

Read what this author witnessed the fintech wave forming, cresting, and eventually crashing into the financial ecosystem.  If there is a fraternal twin to banking, it’s the insurance industry.  Both industries are built on managing risk, capital, compliance, and distribution.  Not everything in fintech will apply to insuretech, but there’s a lot we can learn by assessing the impact of fintech on the banking system. Page 12

After the Storm: How To File An Insurance Claim For Your Home or Business

After a storm or hurricane, every homeowner or property owner needs to file an insurance claim. There’s much to learn and lots that needs to be done by the policyholder. Read more on page 13

Brexit 1 – a lose/lose situation? (The situation up until the 5th September)

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is trying to close down Parliament so that he can stymie opposition to his plan to leave the European Union on the 31st October – without a deal. If there is a deal out there, he has not found it. Read more on page 14

Brexit 2 – the end of yet another prime minister? (As of the 8th September)

With emergency legislation blocking a no-deal Brexit becoming law on the 9th September, Mr. Johnson faces jail if be breaks that law by refusing to ask the EU to delay Article 50. Will he go to jail or will he resign and go down in in as the country’s clumsiest prime minister ever? Read the latest on page 14

Brexit approaching an endgame – but only of chapter one

Here is a piece that attempts to sum up where we are and also draw out some of the implications for the insurance industry. Brexit has broken the British political system. The absence of a written constitution has meant that almost daily conventions that have been respected for decades – even centuries – have been tossed aside, especially by the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Read this informative piece on page 15

Data protection breaches and the implications for the insurance industry

News of data breaches seem a regular occurrence these days and over the summer we started to see the first fines for the breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the UK supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Prior to that, the only fine of real significance under the GDPR was by the French data supervisory authority against Google France for approximately EUR50 million. Read more on page 16

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