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Our Philosophy

We value your time and attention. In a world with ever increasing information, our time becomes increasingly valuable. We make a difference by being approachable, straightforward, supportive and distinctive. We are here to help with answers, recommendations, intelligence, strategy and tactics. Subscribers are entitled to free consultation and advice on any material published. In addition, we are able match local insurance expertise and make introductions when requested.

The Letter

Since 1966, The LetterSM has established itself as an authority on domestic and international business insurance news. Packed with relevant material, it provides information on the latest business insurance developments, features monthly opinion and topical articles on a broad range of insurance issues with sharp analysis on current events, written by local experts from around the world.

Market Guides

To understand local insurance conditions around the world and to plan international program design, ISN publishes the well respected ISN Country Insurance Market Guides. These reports focus on local insurance requirements, compulsory coverages, legislation, supervision, non-admitted insurance, and major types of policies by class plus more.