Editor’s Letter - February 2024


I hope everyone has good health, safe travels, and every happiness for this new year. It’s not starting out great as we enter the third year of the Russia v Ukraine war, China v Taiwan, Israel v Hamas, Houthi (Iran backed) rebels making the Red Sea / Suez Canal mostly unusable, and as I reported last month this is the year of the ballot box.

Over 40 national elections involving a potential 6 billion voters going to the polls are due to take place this year. They could leave the world looking rather different by the end of the year. The potential of one set of elections to influence the next is endless, especially as they are taking place at a time of heightened geo-political tensions.

Ok, so that was negative. There are though quite a few important areas of positivity you want to keep an eye on in 2024. While these may not hit everyone’s wish list, each of these is important.

Technological Advancements:

  • Continued progress in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation.
  • Potential breakthroughs in quantum computing and other cutting-edge technologies.

Healthcare Innovations:

  • Advancements in medical research, potentially leading to new treatments or breakthroughs.
  • Ongoing efforts to address and manage global health challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability:

  • Increased focus on renewable energy sources and sustainable practices.
  • Advances in technology to combat climate change and reduce environmental impact.

Space Exploration:

  • Progress in space missions, including efforts to return humans to the Moon and explore Mars.
  • Developments in satellite technology and space tourism.

Global Economic Trends:

  • Adjustments in the global economy based on geopolitical events and trade dynamics.
  • Innovations in financial technologies and changes in investment landscapes.

Social and Cultural Changes:

  • Evolution of social norms and cultural dynamics.
  • Continued discussions and actions around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Remote Work and Education:

  • Further integration of remote work and online learning into mainstream practices.
  • Technological enhancements in virtual collaboration tools and platforms.

Biotechnology and Health Breakthroughs:

  • Advances in personalized medicine and gene therapies.
  • Progress in the development of vaccines and treatments for various diseases.

Cybersecurity Developments:

  • Increased focus on cybersecurity measures and protection against cyber threats.
  • Technological innovations to enhance digital security.

Political and Geopolitical Shifts:

  • Elections and potential changes in political leadership around the world.
  • Ongoing geopolitical dynamics and international relations.
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Posted by Alex Hodges
Alex has 40+ years of experience in the industry with a specific interest in the international P&C business. Alex began his career with Rollins Burdick Hunter Co in Chicago; moved to New York with the firm; then back to Chicago HQ after the acquisition of RBH by Aon. As part of Aon’s global acquisition team, he moved to The Netherlands to help with the integration of Hudig-Langeveldt and Frank B. Hall in Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and the Middle East. Alex has expertise managing large multinational insurance programs. His last position with Aon was managing the Aon-owned Strategic Underwriters International MGA for Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion, Workplace Violence and Political Risk. Alex is the founder of Insurance Services Network Corporation and Editor-in-Chief of the IRL – Insurance Research Letter.


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Editor’s Letter - February 2024

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